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UM Votes – Previewing the MS Ballot

In the coming posts, UM Voting Ambassadors will be previewing what is on the Mississippi ballot, so that you understand the offices, the statewide ballot initiatives, and your choices as you prepare to cast your vote. In this post, Voting Ambassador Libby Foley provides an overview of the ballot for national and state offices in Mississippi.

Obviously, this election year is very important as it includes the Presidential election. However, there are still Senate and House of Representative elections going on that are worth your attention. Below is a comprehensive list of what will be on the Mississippi Ballot this November, along with a link to a sample 2020 ballot for Mississippi. Be sure to do your research on each candidate before you vote, and choose the candidate that best serves your beliefs!

Out of state students can check their ballots and information here: State by State Voting Guide

How do I research candidates?

Here are several nonpartisan resources for information on these candidates:

Other resources include:

  • Candidate websites
  • Political party websites
  • Issue-based policy groups
  • Local newspapers or media outlets

Presidential Election:

  • Joseph Biden, with Kamala Harris as VP – Democrat
  • Donald Trump, with Michael Pence as VP – Republican
  • Don Blankenship, with William Mohr as VP – American Constitution
  • Brian Carroll, with Amar Patel as VP – American Solidarity
  • Phil Collins, with Bill Parker as VP – Independent
  • Howie Hawkins, with Angela Nicola Walker as VP – Green
  • Jo Jorgensen, with Jeremy “Spike” Cohen as VP – Libertarian
  • Brock Pierce, with Karla Ballard as VP – Independent
  • Kanye West, with Michelle Tidball as VP – Independent

U.S. Senate:

  • Mike Espy – Democrat
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith – Republican
  • Jimmy L. Edwards – Libertarian

U.S. House of Representatives:

(What district am I in? Check online here!)

1st Congressional District

  • Antonia Eliason – Democrat
  • Trent Kelly – Republican

2nd Congressional District

  • Brian Flowers – Republican
  • Bennie G. Thompson – Democrat

3rd Congressional District

  • Dorothy Dot Benford – Democrat
  • Michael Guest – Republican

4th Congressional District

  • Steven M. Palazzo – Republican


District 1, Position 1

  • Kenny Griffis – Nonpartisan
  • Latrice Westbrooks – Nonpartisan

District 1, Position 2

  • Leslie D. King – Nonpartisan

District 2, Position 2

  • Mike Randolph – Nonpartisan

District 3, Position 3

  • Josiah Dennis Coleman – Nonpartisan
  • Percy L. Lynchard – Nonpartisan


District 08 Place 1

  • Brian K. Burns – Nonpartisan
  • Caleb E. May – Nonpartisan

Statewide Ballot Measures

Ballot Measure 1:

  • Initiative Measure No. 65, Should Mississippi allow qualified patients with debilitating medical conditions, as certified by Mississippi licensed physicians, to use medical marijuana?
  • Alternative Measure No. 65 A, Shall Mississippi establish a program to allow the medical use of marijuana products by qualified persons with debilitating medical conditions?

Secretary of State Initiative Brochure

Mississippi Today Election Guide

Ballot Measure 2: 

House Concurrent Resolution No. 47- Amendment to propose that to be elected Governor, a candidate has to receive a majority of the votes. If no candidate has the majority, there will be a runoff election, under this amendment. This amendment would also remove the requirement of receiving majority votes for House of Representative candidates.

Mississippi Today Election Guide

Ballot Measure 3:

House Bill 1796 – Flag Referendum

This ballot measure is a vote to approve or deny the new Mississippi State Flag, as pictured below.

Mississippi Today Election Guide

Election Day is November 3rd!

Be sure to make a voting plan, or contact the voting ambassadors at engaged@olemiss.edu if you need help creating one!

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