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CE Grants, Incentives, and Awards

Excellence in Community Engagement Awards

The University of Mississippi Excellence in Community Engagement Award  recognizes outstanding accomplishments in community-engaged (CE) research, learning, and service, and engaged scholarship. One CE Finalist will be selected from each of the following project areas: CE Research, CE Learning, CE Service, and Engaged Scholarship. Each Finalist will receive a $1,000 award to further their community-engaged work. The UM Excellence in Community Engagement Award will recognize the most outstanding CE project and includes a $5,000 award to further community engagement. The Excellence in Community Engagement Award recognizes and rewards ongoing or recently completed CE research, learning, and service and engaged scholarship; therefore, applications should focus on accomplishments and existing CE projects and not propose future CE projects. Faculty, staff, and students from the Oxford, regional, and UMMC campuses are eligible for this award.

Community engagement describes collaboration between UM and partnering communities for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity while fulfilling UM’s mission of scholarly learning, research, and service. Communities are broadly defined as groups of people in the public and private sectors who are affiliated by geographic proximity, special interests, or situational similarities at the local, regional/state, national, or global levels.

2021 Excellence in Community Engagement Award Honorees

Recipient of Excellence in Community Engagement Award: Growing Healthy Minds Bodies, and Communities: An Integrated Preschool Curriculum ($5,000 award)

Finalist with Distinction for Excellence in Community Engagement: LeadershipServ’s™: Excellence in Servant Leadership Program ($3,000 award)

Finalist for Community-Engaged Service: Pro Bono Initiative at the University of Mississippi School of Law ($1,000 award)

Excellence in Community Engagement Honor Roll: Charger for Life – Character Development Curriculum for Oxford High School’s Football Team 

2020 Excellence in Community Engagement Award Honorees

2020 Overall Recipient – Voter Empowerment Project

2020 Finalists

2020 Engaged Scholarship Finalist

2020 Teaching Finalist

  • Desiree Hensley, J.D., Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Housing Clinic, Robert C. Khayat School of Law
  • Marie Cope, J.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Transactional Clinic, Robert C. Khayat School of Law
  • Cam Abel, J.D., Adjunct Professor of Law and Co-Director of Transactional Clinic, Robert C. Khayat School of Law
  • Jordan Hughes, Research Counsel for Public Interest, Robert C. Khayat School of Law
  • Community Engaged Teaching – Eastmoor Estates Fair Housing Project

2020 Research Finalist

  • Sara Kiparizoska, Fundraising and Grant Writer, School of Medicine 
  • Monica Nguyen, Student Volunteer Coordinator, School of Medicine 
  • Tiffany Martin, Education, School of Medicine 
  • Aalaap Desai, Treasurer, School of Medicine
  • Ford Franklin, Director, School of Medicine 
  • Tori DeBardeleben, Physical Volunteer Coordinator, School of Medicine 
  • Sean Himel, Grant Writing, School of Medicine 
  • John Yi, Research and QI Director, School of Medicine 
  • Daniel Patterson, Structure Director, School of Medicine
  • John Bobo, PR/Fundraising, School of Medicine 
  • Hunter Vanderburg, Pharmacy Student Director, School of Pharmacy 
  • Cat Wilkerson, Student Volunteer Coordinator, School of Medicine 
  • Erin Hadley, Student Director of Rehab, School of Health Related Professions
  • Christina Miller, Physicians Volunteer Coordinator, School of Medicine
  • Sally McClung, Acquisitions, School of Medicine 
  • Tilak Patel, Education, School of Medicine 
  • Max Harrigill, Acquisitions, School of Medicine 
  • Sarah Tramel, Secretary, School of Medicine
  • Community-Engaged Research – Jackson Free Clinic

2020 Service Finalist 

2020 Honor Roll

  • Mississippi Region VII Science Fair
  • Promoting Inclusive Healthcare through Service-Learning with the Hispanic Community in Mississippi

2019 Excellence in Community Engagement Award Honorees

Overall ECE Award Recipients
Base Pair- A Model for Biomedical Research Mentorship
The Behind the Big House Program: Interpreting Slavery in Local Communities
Finalist, Community-Engaged Research
Exploring Exercise Behavior in Pregnant & Postpartum Adolescents in the Mississippi Delta: The Teen Mom Study
Finalist, Community-Engaged Teaching
Empowering Individuals to Reduce Lead Exposure from Drinking Water through Community Based Research
Finalist, Community-Engaged Service
Lynching Memorialization Lafayette County Project
Finalist, Engaged Scholarship
College 2 Youth: A Multi-Stakeholder Partnership for Improved Health & Wellbeing in the Mississippi Delta

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award was established in 1890 to honor individuals who exhibit nobility of character, exemplified by selfless service to others and the community. This is the University of Mississippi’s highest award in honor of service. Award criteria emphasize placing service to others and the community before oneself while embodying the qualities of honesty, morality, ethics, integrity, responsibility, determination, courage, and compassion. Individuals who do not actively seek recognition are prime candidates for this award. To learn more, visit the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation.

2020 Sullivan Student Honorees  

2020 Sullivan Student Honorees Named

2020 Faculty, Staff, and Community Honorees

2020 Sullivan Faculty, Staff, Community Recipients Named