Diversity and Community Engagement

The University of Mississippi

Recommendation 6: The University of Mississippi should consider the implications of calling itself “Ole Miss” in various contexts

UM will continue to use Ole Miss as an endearing nickname. Data show that the term Ole Miss is broadly viewed as one of connection and affection, with strongly positive national (and international) recognition, and describing an esprit de corps that binds members of the UM community together. To be a member of the Ole Miss community means to effect positive change, challenge the status quo, protect and dignify the rights of every individual, and advance ideas that are innovative and transformational.

“Ole Miss” is one of the best-known college brands and those who view the university from a distance associate the term “Ole Miss” with a strong, vibrant, modern university. Additionally, anecdotal evidence shows the longstanding nickname is beloved by the vast majority of students and alumni.

Given that UM data analytics demonstrate the vast majority of Internet searches for information about the university use the term “Ole Miss,” not “University of Mississippi,” the university will continue the use of OleMiss.edu for the university website address and for email addresses. Those data indicate people use some form of “Ole Miss” 7-to-1 versus “University of Mississippi.”

Faculty members who prefer not to use “OleMiss.edu” in email addresses may use their personal email addresses for correspondence, and University Communications continues to offer a choice of stationery and name cards that includes “The University of Mississippi” without reference to the nickname.

Updated: June 2017