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Community Chat – Forrest Jenkins

“Look around you: there are always helpers in your community who are trying to do good things.” -Forrest Jenkins

For this installment of Community Chats, we are joined by Forrest Jenkins, president of LOU-Home, Inc. She discusses her passion for affordable housing and community involvement as well as some of the greatest challenges LOU-Home, Inc. is currently facing. Tune in to learn about the needs of our community regarding housing and current projects and developments of LOU-Home, Inc.

Forrest was born and raised “right down the road” in Pontotoc, MS and graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Law. After practicing law at a housing clinic in Oxford, she joined the board of directors of LOU-Home, Inc. in 2014. She saw the issues plaguing the LOU community due to the lack of affordable housing. In regards to the work they do, Forrest credits the work of community members. “Things don’t happen overnight,” she says, “It takes a lot of eyes and a lot of hands to get things to move.” Looking to the future, LOU-Home, Inc. is always looking to develop more housing and provide housing services to the community.

LOU-Home, Inc. coordinates with the community and local government to increase the availability and affordability of homes for qualified buyers who otherwise could not acquire these resources. They also provide services to these buyers including credit workshops and individual counseling. Currently, there is a lack of available land in the LOU community, and the land that is available may not be attainable to LOU-Home, Inc. due to legal barriers. Forrest urges any community members who can help materially to do so. This can be anything from a monetary donation to property that can be leveraged to begin more development. Forrest expands on how you can get involved in the episode.

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