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Community Chat – Joshua Mannery

“It’s important now, more than ever, that we’re united, accessible and that we have our fingers on the pulse of campus.” Joshua Mannery

We are joined by Joshua Mannery, Associate Student Body (ASB) President, for this episode as he discusses what it means to govern a student body and how he uses his platform and voice to affect change on campus and in the Oxford-Lafayette County community. Tune in to learn about ASB initiatives such as the Stronger Together Dialogue Series in which student and community leaders discuss ways to make the University of Mississippi campus a more welcoming and inclusive place for all.

Josh was born and raised in Jackson, MS and takes pride in being a “public school product.” It was in this environment that he began to see the disconnect between affluent and underserved communities. He knew that he wanted to bring more people to the table to figure out how to close that disconnect. Upon admission to the University of Mississippi, he had one big goal for his undergraduate career: to become ASB president. As he worked toward this goal, Josh came to notice the lack of accessibility the student body had to their governing body. “Student government is strongest when it goes out to different demographics on campus and listens to their unique experiences,” Josh says on the role of ASB. Josh discusses the importance of making sure everyone’s voices are heard in the process of bettering campus life.

Because of such uncertainty on future plans for the university, Josh says that ASB has had to be much more reactive lately as opposed to proactive. But he and his cabinet are taking it in stride. “There are going to be a lot of challenges that we haven’t faced before,” Josh says. “As ASB President, I want to be there to address as many concerns as I can.”

You can visit the ASB website at olemissasb.org to learn more about how ASB is working to improve campus life for all students.

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