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The Pulse – Introducing GP to Students

In this tutorial, Jilkiah Bryant, area coordinator for health & wellbeing, introduces us to the basics of GivePulse, shows how it will benefit students, and how to create your own account. These video slideshows will be coming to you each week as our area coordinator team highlights some of the best features of GivePulse and how you or your organization can reap the benefits.

So, what is GivePulse? GivePulse is a community of volunteers, professionals, civic leaders and service-learning students. It enables you to capture your impact in your community and search for local events, organizations, and the causes you care most about. This platform serves as your go-to for community service, civic engagement, and for finding opportunities that fit who you are as a person. 

Why GivePulse? GivePulse allows your community and its members to be uplifted by providing a platform that allows us to track and measure the impacts we make. Whether it be voting, volunteering, teaching, or training, in the LOU community or on campus. By sharing our service experience through GivePulse, we inspire those around us to also get involved and engaged in our communities. This platform allows us to promote and enhance the way we do community engagement.

Now that we’ve covered the what” and the “why,” let’s get you started on the “how.”

How do I get started on GivePulse? 

  1. Just go to olemiss.givepulse.com and click “Login via OleMiss.”
    • This should take you to the myOleMiss web portal where you can login with your myOleMiss credentials.
  2. Now that you have logged in, you can start building out your profile!
    • Make sure to add a profile picture and a personal bio.
  3. Join Groups
  4. Add impacts and start tracking your community engagement.

How do I join Groups?

  1. From your profile/dashboard, click “Get Involved” in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Make sure to toggle the “Events/Groups” button to “Groups.” This will show you all of the groups you can join in your area. 
    • You can also search for groups all over the country. Just type in the zip code or city you wish to serve.
  3. Find the Group you would like to join and click “Become Member” on their homepage.
    • This allows you to stay up to date on that group’s events and opportunities as well as share your impacts with that group.
  4. Make sure to join the University of Mississippi group in order to share your impacts with our campus community!

For assistance with GivePulse, make sure to contact our area coordinator team via engaged@olemiss.edu, and be on the lookout for regular GivePulse orientation sessions as well as our GivePulse Huddles where we gather with campus and community members to share tips & tricks on how to make the most out of GivePulse.

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