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The Pulse – Why GivePulse?

Posted on: January 4th, 2021 by elpayseu

In this new series, The Pulse, our OCE team introduces GivePulse, our new online community engagement platform. In this first post, OCE Area Coordinator Madison Alliston shares how GivePulse is helpful for our nonprofit partners and broader community. 

When I was a kid what I wanted more than anything in the world was to be a superhero when I grew up. I wanted to save the day, defeat the villain, and get all the glory in sparkling tights and a long cape. But as I grew up, my childhood job of saving the day faded away. That was where I was wrong, because I can be a superhero by serving others using GivePulse.

GivePulse, an online platform for service organizations and nonprofits, allows individuals to become superheroes be helping them make a difference each and every day. This program helps volunteers, non-profits, service organizations, and students find unique, exciting, and educational opportunities for social change. Instead of waiting for the bat signal to appear, individuals can log on and find service organizations in their area with a touch of a button. <<Check out GivePulse here.>>

But how exactly does GivePulse benefit individuals and nonprofits compared to other volunteer platforms? There are numerous benefits for volunteers and organizations who use GivePulse.

1). GivePulse connects nonprofit agencies, student groups and the University of Mississippi throughout the Oxford community.

Community partners who use this program give the students at the University of Mississippi the opportunity to become superheroes. GivePulse integrates with the Ole Miss Forum, a platform students use to find events, organizations, and news articles on Campus. Because GivePulse lists all events in the community, the integration of the two programs is extremely helpful in connecting students with volunteer opportunities in Oxford.

2). GivePulse enables non-profits and service organizations to easily and efficiently create and list events, recruit volunteers, and track volunteers in the Oxford area.

Community partners who use this program can advertise outreach opportunities to more student organizations at the University of Mississippi. Service organizations are easily able to approve and edit submitted projects, events, and opportunities in five minutes or less. Students are able to easily register to volunteer for events and supply drives posted on GivePulse AND access a full service summary of all of their volunteer hours and impacts.

<<Check out this Socks and Scivvies Drive posted by Volunteer NE Mississippi.>>

3). GivePulse is extremely user friendly and easy for nonprofits, service organizations, and students to navigate.

Community partners who use this program can effectively communicate with volunteers through message boards and email. GivePulse provides a platform for volunteers to track and measure the impact of their volunteerism and allows service organizations to track and evaluate their effectiveness of their outreach efforts in the Oxford Community.

<<So far, in our first month, the University of Mississippi community has tracked 136 people with 166 impacts, 569 hours, and an economic impact of $15,463! That’s the power of tracking our collective impact, AND we’re just getting started!>>

4). GivePulse allows nonprofits and service organizations to share information about their organization conveniently to more volunteers.

Community partners who use this program can connect their Facebooks, Instagrams and websites on GivePulse. Service Organizations and nonprofits can spread the message about their group and connect other service platforms they use to obtain more student volunteers.

5).  GivePulse helps nonprofits and service organizations answer any and all questions quickly and accurately.

Community partners who use GivePulse can communicate with the program’s customer support online through email, webinars, or documentation. Unlike other online service platforms, GivePulse’s customer support team are ready to help users when they need it. I personally have emailed them and received help within minutes.

GivePulse has helped me to realize that I can be a superhero to others. I can make a difference in someone’s life. Having the ability to find numerous service opportunities in the Oxford community has inspired me to make a lasting impact on my community and acquire valuable life skills.

For more information:

MS Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Webinar Series

Posted on: April 8th, 2020 by elpayseu

This following information is shared from the MS Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy. This webinar series began last Thursday, 4/2. You can view the recording of last week’s session here. Join this week’s session, here, on federal loan program guidance (i.e. PPP and EIDL) specifically for nonprofits. This series is graciously made available free of charge and open to non-members as well.

Greetings, Nonprofit and Philanthropic Friends,

The Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy recognizes the extraordinary circumstances currently being experienced by the entire sector. During this stressful period, we are opening up to include  members and non-members alike.  After all, we are all in this together and you have a valuable role to play in the response to COVID-19.

The Alliance is hosting a weekly COVID-19 webinar update, beginning this Thursday morning. The webinars will occur at the same time each week. The focus will be on learning, sharing, identifying needs/resources, and generally supporting each other. Please take a moment and add these webinars to your calendar!

Thursdays 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

 We look forward to seeing you soon.  Please stay safe.

All the best,

Sammy Moon

Executive Director


COVID-19 Impact on Community Agencies

Posted on: April 1st, 2020 by elpayseu

COVID-19 Impact on Community Agencies