Diversity and Community Engagement
The University of Mississippi

2020 Sullivan Student Nominations

Jimoh Braimoh II
“I have seen him strongly portray a ‘service above self’ kind of attitude. During Jimoh’s tenure as the ACSA president, ACSA has seen a tremendous increase of members from about 15 members at its rebirth to more than 80 ACSA members in a period of about one and a half years. Jimoh has also successfully planned and executed various activities that include language talks, cultural nights, movie nights, dance and drama events, and welcome events for new ACSA members coming to The University of Mississippi. Jimoh is a courageous man who has spilled over some of his courage to the rest of the leaders (myself inclusive) of the African Caribbean Student Association, and this is with no doubt one of the attributes that has kept the association standing till this date.”

Lakyn Collier
“She is my friend. Out of all the 3Ls in my law school class, she is the only one who is charge of ACLU and ACS. She does an outstanding job and is always willing to serve others. No other 3L in my class is so devoted to self-service as she is. She is amazing with a true heart of gold. I really admire her… She is honest and ethical and is incredibly compassionate. She goes out of her way to help others, such as for the ICE Raids she had tried her best to get information about these different 3rd world countries in which refugees could be coming from to relay this information to judges who may see some of the ICE refugees/immigrants in court. No other law student from my law school even seemed to care about what was going on other than her. She is amazing with an incredibly compassionate heart.”

Harrison Durland
“Harrison works tirelessly to better not just the campus, but the community and the world in general. Since starting in his undergraduate career, Harrison has taken part in numerous clubs in a leadership position. Here recently, Harrison started a new club called “Effective Altruism”… Harrison has served as the key leader and designer of this club, and his care and dedication could not be more apparent…An encourager of mediation. A proposer of refined and respectable conversation. The epitome of selfless dedication. Harrison is truly and undeniably all of these characteristics. Through my four years as an undergraduate student, I have never met a student more willing to forsake his/her on pleasures to heighten the happiness and contentedness of others.”

Mercy Figuora
“Mercy volunteered tons of her time and energy to participate in the response to the immigration crisis last year. Her phone rang 24/7 with calls from clients. She was warm and wonderful to each one, and deserves to be recognized for her work on that project. Compassion- for those caught up in the disastrous ICE raids of last year Mercy showed infinite patience and kindness. Determination- Mercy was determined to translate for each and every person that reached out to her, because so few people had the skills to do so.”

Curtis Hill
“For those that know Curtis, he has a quiet leadership sensibility, but he gets things done…Through conversations, I know that Curtis hopes to leave a legacy of creating partnerships with the university and his home area of the Mississippi Delta. He has definitely begun that process through his work with McLean and MPartner. He is just what the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award was meant to represent. His work on campus and in the community has made impacts that will affect the future of our institution and his home community.
At his age, to carry the Emmitt Till memorial to our campus must have been a true test of courage, ethics and integrity. I believe that the other virtues listed are woven into the work that Curtis has done and will continue to do in the future. Again, I believe that he is a fantastic example of not allowing your circumstances limit what you can achieve.”

Arielle Hudson
“As I look back and try to think of all the organizations and leaderships roles she has taken part in, I begin to leave out a lot of them because there were so many. Arielle possesses and exemplifies all virtues listed, but her courage and compassion is what makes her a prime candidate for this recognition. She is a fearless leader with the heart of a lion and the compassion of a true servant. Rank, position, and hierarchy is not of importance to her if inequity and bias are demonstrated by those who are high on the ladder.”

Niloofar Khaje
“Niloofar has been especially creative in organizing and executing programming to enhance the professional development of her colleagues…Her service to her classmates extends to facilitating ways for them to actively contribute to the broader Oxford/Lafayette community. She helped organize along with one of our faculty members a community outreach event especially for Hispanic community members. I have been impressed with her determination and willingness to keep “going back to the drawing board” to secure an invitation for the behalf of her colleagues and the whole department.”

Joshua Mannery
“He creates space for students to engage in dialogue, ask questions, and make contributions to the UM community. Off campus, Josh spends his time with Mississippi youth, making connections through a nonprofit of his own creation–Anybody Can Be President… He collaborates with various stakeholders from participants, parents, and community leaders to maintain the organization, which has been running strong for over two years. Josh is advancing community on multiple levels, and he exemplifies leadership and service on every front… Josh demonstrates the kind of resilient leadership I hope to see in all of our students. Joshua Mannery restores my faith that the future of the country and the world is in kind and capable hands… Josh is constantly moving the needle and courageously pushing our community forward to be better.”

Jeffery Patton II
“Jeffery is given so much responsibility because he is trusted by his peers to develop a vision and lead them and trusted by administrators because he is an ethical individual who possesses a level of integrity that is unmatched among his peers.
The final virtue, compassion, is one I see on a daily basis from Jeffery. Not only is he able to empathize with the concerns of each of the individuals and chapters he represents through his multitude of leadership roles, he find a way to ensure that each problem and issue is addressed and sacrifices his own personal well-being at times to advance the causes important to his peers.”

Cordella Smith
“Mrs. Smith is everywhere in her community helping out wherever she can… Her passion however is helping young people see their potentials. He motto is, ” I stand in the shadows and push others into the light”. For these reasons, I am honored to recommend her. She prepares her students for life by teaching them that they must first give in order to receive and that they will not always be paid for what they do, but they must have integrity to just do what is right and beneficial to others.”