Diversity and Community Engagement
The University of Mississippi

2020 Sullivan Staff Nominees

Jonathan Nance
“Jon is an amazing friend, employee, mentor, father, husband and all his other roles. He has outstanding discipline and gives his all by working hard. always going beyond expected. He volunteers in Lafayette-Oxford-University Community as a Member. His always helping others without expecting rewards, renegotiation, all without complaints. Juggles life while doing his best. Always has a positive attitude with laughter and makes others laugh. Jon strives to grow every day and I look up to him as a good upstanding citizen.”

Drew Clinton
“Drew exemplifies service to others by going above and beyond in his dedication to and caring about his student-athletes at Ole Miss. It is clear to all who know him that his job isn’t just a job to him; he genuinely cares about all of the athletes he works with as well as his coworkers and colleagues.You can often find him running around the building helping anyone and everyone with anything. Making himself available to all students and all staff in FedEx is just another example of how Drew is responsible, caring and selfless.”

Val Ross
“Intelligent, diplomatic, creative and thoughtful, Ms. Ross on an unofficial level continues to help students, and consequently continues to support the general health and growth of the University…Overall, Ms. Valeria Ross embodies the values, ethics, and vision that make her invaluable as a student, mentor, advisor, administrator, and devoted staff member, always trying to help the University of Mississippi strive to find its best self.”