Diversity and Community Engagement
The University of Mississippi

2020 Sullivan Faculty Nominees

Desiree Hensley
“Professor Hensley’s work, as well her work through the Housing Clinic, resulted in a host of tangible impacts: a new water system, including a new pumping station; a new sewer system; a new road in and out of the development; deeds to homeowners, and; the beginnings of an infrastructure. The success at Eastmoor is a model for other, broader efforts to re-invigorate historically depressed areas…She is never daunted by any task that will serve the best interest of Mississippians. She selflessly continues doing what she loves best- promoting justice, advocating for the poor, and ensuring that all Mississippians have a voice.”

Linda Keena
“With all that she has done for the department, university, and surrounding community, she has never asked for recognition. She is a strong proponent of servant leadership and actively demonstrates the qualities to serve others before herself. With all her accomplishments, she remains humble and kind…Linda also possesses compassion. This is demonstrated though the long standing relationships she has developed with many of her former students. Many of her former students remain in contact with her even years after they have graduated. I have known her to go to the bedside of students that were hospitalized. She has gone out of her way to serve her students and the community. She drives over an hour to volunteer to teach inmates at a prison. She is able to see them as people that can do better and helps them become better versions of themselves.”

Ginny Kilgore
“Ginny also provides free training to social workers, health care professionals and those in administrative positions to update them on the law and new ways of serving their clients. She has been a tireless patient advocate from the day I met her. She lives to serve others and shows a commitment that I have seen in only a few individuals in my 13 years as an attorney…This week, Ginny is again fighting for a patient being discharged from a nursing home. The patient has no family and suffered from a stroke. He cannot complete his Medicaid application or provide the necessary paperwork that is needed to get him qualified… Others have already given up, but Ginny’s determination and compassion have resulted in a halt on the eviction and a Power of Attorney to be located and agreed upon that will allow client to properly submit the necessary documents to be approved for Medicaid.”