Diversity and Community Engagement
The University of Mississippi

2020 Achieving Equity Grant Recipients

Characterization of Vaping Knowledge, Perceptions, and Preference among Race and Ethnic Groups for Adolescents and Young Adults

  • Meagan Brown, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Coordinator of Community Pharmacy Development, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Justin Sherman, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Exploring the relationship between interpersonal empathy, social empathy, and racial attitudes

This project will explore the potential for social empathy to be leveraged as a tool for improving diversity outcomes. Toward this end, the investigators will employ both hypothesis-driven and exploratory survey research to examine the relationships between social empathy and two diversity ideologies known to affect diversity outcomes, multiculturalism and color-blind racial attitudes. This pilot project is aimed at setting the stage for future intervention evaluation.

  • Brian Droubay, Assistant Professor of Social Work 
  • Amy Fisher, Associate Professor of Social Work

Considering Precarious Manhood and Ambivalent Sexism as Common Predictors of Acceptance of Hazing and Sexual Assault in and outside of Greek Life on College Campuses

  • Carrie Smith, Assistant Professor of Social Work 

This Space Isn’t for You: The impact of weight stigmatizing healthcare environments and public health campaigns

This project will determine how framing obesity would impact individuals higher in body weight.

  • Nadeeja Wijayatunga, Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Hospitality Management
  • Joseph Wellman, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology